Comedy / Sci-fi | 99 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 22 FEB 2018
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Eddie Tigger
  • Cast: Jarguar Lim 捷豹林, Mehrdad Razavi Mozart, Azman Hassan, Namewee 黄明志
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

2015 年一位造型奇特的外星人(Jaguar Lim 飾演)曾在馬來西亞逗留,通過Nasa 特務(Mehrdad Ravavi Mozart 飾演)的明查暗訪,有多名人士曾經與這外星人有過短暫接觸,並確定這外星人來自土衛六(Titan),Nasa 對外星人的到訪的目的感到擔憂,全力追捕外星人!與此同時,一位知情人士(黄明志飾演演)正準備公開所有的外星人秘密……

In 2015, an oddly shaped alien (staring Jaguar Lim) has landed and stayed on earth for a short period of time. A result of investigation by one of NASA’s secret agent (staring Mehrdad Ravavi Mozart), showed that apparently there are a number of people who’ve already have connection with the alien. At the same time, the investigating team also found that the alien came from a planet called Planet Titan. NASA officers are worried about the presence of the alien and made decision to catch the alien! Meanwhile, a stranger (staring Namewee’s) began to reveal the secret information about the alien…

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来自星星的傻孩子 Amazing Titanman 正式预告片|| 2月21日全马上映

Comedy / Sci-fi

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