Comedy | 110 mins

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  • Release Date: 14 MAR 2019
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Nancy Chen 陳怡妤
  • Cast: Derek Chang 張軒睿, Ella Chen 陳嘉樺, Michael Huang 黃仲崑, Sophia Fang 方季惟, Tzui-Pin Wen 溫翠蘋, Heaven Hai 海裕芬, Pa Yu 巴鈺, Vera Yen 嚴正嵐, Wang Chuan 王琄, Michael Tao 陶傳正, Lotus Wang 王彩樺, Daniel Lo 羅時豐, Patrick Lee 李沛旭, Vicky Tseng 曾莞婷, Henry Kai 許富凱, Chris Wu 吳承洋, Kenny Yen 顏毓麟, Yan Ye 言野, Tinana Master 那那大師, Ahan 阿翰, Pon Chen Hao皮皮
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story




Sheng Enterprise has originated from a famous Mahjong family, and the story of Big Three Dragons begins with the game of Mahjong.

The Sheng’s has been unknown to the public, and after a match of Mahjong, it has grown into a huge enterprise for generations unexpectedly. The reason for its success and fortune is Mahjong. Time flies by, entering the 21st century, the first grandson of Sheng Enterprise, Xiao-Bai (played by Derek Chang) is being designated to inherit the family business on the day of his grandfather’s death anniversary. Yet, due to his pleasure-seeking lifestyle and lacking a sense of responsibility, he is absent from the ceremony, and his uncle Nan-Feng (played by Michael Huang) has banished him from the family. Xiao-Bai turns from a rich young elite to a poor loser overnight.

Just when Xiao-Bai is getting desperate, he has been welcomed by a real estate agent Wu-Que Shen (played by Ella Chen) to a place called Wu-Lan Palace. Receiving the help from the residents of Wu-Lan Palace, Xiao-Bai is determined to win back what belongs to him with Mahjong. But what does he have to do to help getting back Wu-Lan Palace?

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『大三元 BIG THREE DRAGONS』3月14日全马吃胡


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