Action | 107 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 31 AUG 2017
  • Classification: 18
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Kam Ka Wei 闞家偉
  • Cast: Simon Yam 任達華, Jordan Chan 陳小春, Philip Ng 伍允龍, Lam Suet 林雪
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

Hong Kong has entered its darkest era.
Gambler Wallace and his protege Sky receive a call from their gang leaser, Slaughter who says the mob bosses, Dragon and Nigel have come into conflict. Dragon’s yound wife has been raped and murdered by Robert, the only son of Nigel. Enraged, Dragon issues a fatwa to have Robert killed. Slaughter ordered Wallace to build a team to complete the mission. Wallace then pulls in his protege Sky; his daughter Lily, a speed racer; explosive expert BBQ; boxing champion Tyson and the up and coming star of the mob, Superman.

Heavily armed and ready for the mission, the team accidentally finds that Robert has a crush on Tyson’s lover, Faye and keeps pestering her. Taking this advantage, they use Faye to help track Robert Down. But Robert always manages to escape a step ahead, leaving a trap for them to fall in. Wallace suspects that a mole is working for Robert inside the team. While the police start getting involved, it suggests the existence of another inside man working for the police.

The team members don’t trust each other anymore. Wallace gradually relized that they have been used for a bigger conspiracy hidden behind the mission…

賭徒大華(任達華 飾)和手下高天(伍允龍 飾),收到他們所屬的幫派頭目「大雞包」(林雪 飾)的電話,社團中兩位老大之間起了矛盾。大佬九哥(林子雄 飾)的獨子蘿拔(葉相明飾)吸食毒品將另外一大佬龍叔(劉兆明 飾)的少妻姦殺。龍叔怒火中燒,下達江湖追殺令。大雞包要求大華組建自己的人馬執行任務。大華列出一個名單,由手下高天,飛車手女兒(邱意濃 飾),炸藥專家叉燒(張兆輝 飾),搏擊高手(陳小春 飾)等組成的六人超強陣容。
幾人重裝上陣,意外發現阿春的舊愛菲菲(桂晶晶 飾)被羅拔糾纏,遂順勢利用菲菲尋覓羅拔行蹤。可是每次瞄準目標出擊,對手卻總先一步逃脫,並佈下天羅地網請君入甕,使大華開始懷疑團隊裡有羅拔的內鬼,此時警方也介入行動,似乎在團隊中亦有另外一名警方臥底在裡應外合。

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