Action | 95 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 14 NOV 2013
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Chinese
  • Director: Michael Chuah
  • Cast: Henry Thia, Michael Chuah, Bernard Hiew,Miau Miau,Brendan Yuen
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

Huat (Henry Thia) is a coffee shop owner. Secretly, he has established a Superhero codenamed Firefly. Armed with nothing but great luck, he successfully defeated many thugs and decreases the crime rate of the city. Wong’s daughter soon found out about his father’s identity and she strongly disapproves her father’s secret activity. She knew for better that an ordinary man like her father will only endanger himself if these Superhero activities go too far. Due to his luck, Firefly unknowingly became an icon in the city as the press starts to worship him. When his luck starts to fade, Wong tries to look for a sidekick who is capable to help him in his quest to reduce crime in the city. Soon, another vigilante known as Black Hornet appears, and their path clashes as their philosophy is the direct opposite of each other, where one believes in obeying the law and the other believes that the law and justice system has failed.

一位伸张正义的阿发把自己变成超级英雄,但是本身完全没有超能力,歪打正着后小有名气。并聘请了一位超级英雄助理,和另外一班反派超级英雄为社会打击罪犯。这是一部以打击罪犯概念出發,以超级英雄为 题材的時裝电影。所以电影里会出现美式超级英雄服装,多位演员在戏里演超级英雄,将会有很酷的超级英雄服装。在美式超级英雄电影里的英雄都偏爱紧身服,凸现其健硕肌肉的线条美,散发男性的雄壮,露出部分面部。

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