Horror / Thriller | 88 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 4 APR 2013
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Gilbert Chan
  • Cast: Chen Hanwei, Jayley Woo, Carmen Soo
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

Kim, a 15-year-old teenager, is having the worst year of her life. She has not quite come to terms with her mother`s death a couple of years ago and has problems adjusting to her new school. At this time, her father Choon has decided to remarry Na, who hails from a remote village in Indonesia. Na experiences a lot of hostility in her new home, from Kim, her mother-in-law Mrs Lee and the maid Rosa. Further, it seems that her arrival has sparked off a series of spooky incidents at home. Things improve when Na becomes pregnant. Mrs Lee – who longs for another grandchild – starts treating her better, and even cajoles Kim to do the same. Meanwhile, Choon`s lacklustre career takes a turn for better. Just when all seems rosy, tragedy strikes with Mrs Lee getting terribly injured and it is discovered that Na has brought with her from Indonesia a macabre urn, one which contains a Toyol. When she forces Na to get rid of it, the consequences are tragic and horrifying…

新加坡小女孩Kim(胡佳琪 饰)原本拥有幸福童年,自母亲癌症去世后,她的父亲专心工作,赴印尼公干长达两年不曾回家。Kim的日常起居全靠年迈的奶奶照顾,她渐渐闭锁心房,学业也一落千丈。这一天,父亲Choon(陈汉玮 饰)突然回家,而且还带来了陌生的女子。女人名叫娜(苏慧敏 饰),是印尼人与华人的混血,当初被一群男人追打的过程中得到Choon的救助。Choon希望将娜娶回家,但似乎遭到母亲和Kim的抵触,于是只能以女佣的身份留在家里。

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Horror / Thriller

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