Comedy | 108 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date 18 FEB 2016
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Classification: PG13
  • Cast: Owodog Zhuang, JC Chee, Royi, Yumi Wong, Keqing, Emily Kong
  • Director: A Niu, Teddy Chin
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

Young female student NanXin, she met the twins ZiHao and ZiJie; elder brother

ZiHao is born a shy yet intelligent pianist, whereas the young ZiJie behaves like a mischievous child and acts like a rock star. Both the siblings had fallen in love with NanXin at first sight. Once NanXin invited ZiHao to participate in the school’s talent show together, thus both of them spend plenty of time with each other. However ZiJie tries all his very best to win NanXin’s heart which made NanXin in great dilemma. Finally ZiJie decided to further his studies to overseas and let NanXin chooses ZiHao without any regrets.

ZhaoMin loves to sing, and she is looking to form a girl-band to participate in the talent show. Finally she found WanWan, XiaoGe and XiaoJu to perform together.

She lied to the girls to achieve her personal dream to stand on the talent stage and one day, the girls found that lies out in great anger. Due to this, the friendship gets haywired and ZhaoMin was very emotional. At the end, childhood friend JunChen supported ZhaoMin to face the girls, she apologized and realized the meaning of a true friendship is.

Boyish female student ChanChan, she had mistaken the great dancer QiaoDi as a womanizer, feeling bad for her friend, she decided to take revenge and got herself being punished to clean the toilet with QiaoDi for a month. Her friends suggested her to woo QiaoDi as part of the revenge mission; A series of girls-chase-boys events were well-planned and ChanChan forced QiaoDi to articipate the talent show together. They started to fall in love with each other and when QiaoDi found out that ChanChan had such ulterior motive, he was upset and stopped dance training with ChanChan…

This is a sentimental storyline with dreams, youth, friendship, and true love…


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