Horror | 88 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 27 AUG 2015
  • Classification: 18
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Carrie Ng
  • Cast: Annie Liu, Babyjohn Choi, Kate Tsui
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

The horror film is separated into three stories that take place at a funeral home. The first story – Isabelle dies tragically in a car accident. She reunites with her ex-boyfriend who works at a funeral home and their love reignites even though she is a ghost. But the reunion is doomed from the very beginning. The second story – Yung works at a joss paper goods shop and her stepparents are compulsive gamblers. In order to bring good luck to her family, she decides to catch a black cat from the alley and put it in a coffin to perform a ritual called the “Lucky cat”. But before she could catch the black cat it is killed by Yung`s stepmother. The third story – Yan is a smartphone addict. One day, she picks up a phone of a call girl named Meow by accident. She then starts to make friends with her after seeing her sexy pictures in the phone. They start texting each other frequently but then weird things start to happen.

《无头》快乐的派对过后,Isabella(刘心悠 饰)和男友Harry(陈家乐 饰)驱车夜归。Harry为躲避狗仔偷拍出了车祸,致使女友的头被迎面而来的火车撞掉。葬礼上,成为鬼魂的Isabella见到了朝思暮想的旧爱——殡仪馆的少东家Roy(蔡瀚亿 饰)。《种猫》天生阴阳眼的秀容(徐子珊 饰)在舅舅经营得殡葬用品店工作,烂赌成性的舅妈阿娥(吴家丽 饰)为了开运,居然把秀容一直在喂养的小猫抓来钉进棺材里。受到刺激的秀容,身心发生了变化。《尸香》在殡仪馆工作的阿茵(谢婷婷 饰)百无禁忌,某晚回家路上她捡到一部手机,之后与机主语音聊天成为好朋友。后来她答应帮机主找一样东西,按照指示辗转来到了某个屠户的工作地点…

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