Action / Comedy | 88 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 5 DEC 2019
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Bryan Gao 高见
  • Cast: Benny Sii Tuong Kai 徐专凯, Koe Yeet 高艺, Liaw Ket Henn 廖国贤, James Wong Chee Keong 黄誌强
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

三名系统学家 “方圆(女,25岁)”、“仁仁(男,30岁)”及“白颂民(男,30岁)”在20年前他们三人替某个组织打造了一个“完美透明系统”。后来,由于他们发现组织领袖“麦克”(老外,30岁)有意将系统卖给不法分子,所以立即停止作业,选择分道扬镳,不让麦克得逞,谁知,在阴阳差错下,方圆在临走时竟然被麦克灌醉及发生了关系,而使她怀了女儿“方蕊”!


Three systems engineers “Fang Yuan (Female, 25 years old), “Ren Ren (Male, 30 years old)” and “Bai Song Min (Male, 30 years old), where three of them created a “Perfectly Transparent System” for an organisation 20 years ago. Unfortunately, they discovered that the organisation leader “Mike (Westerner, 30 years old) intends to sell the system to the law-breakers. In the end, they have decided to immediately ceased the operation and chose to part ways as a means to refrain Mike from doing what he desired. Due to a peculiar combination of circumstances, Mike intoxicated Fang Yuan with alcohol on the day before she left and took advantage of her, which later found out that she was pregnant with his daughter “Fang Rui”!

    20 years have passed and now Fang Rui (Female, 20 years old) is an interior designer. She chance upon Ren Ren’s godbrother “Xiao Wei (Male, 20 years old), whom is a Youtuber. Coincidentally, Xiao Wei is working in the networking company of Bai Song Min’s son “Bai Tao (Male, in his 20’s). Three of them have zero idea about the complex relationships amongst their parents until Xiao Wei accidentally swap his laptop with Ren Ren one day and resulting in one of the computer repair technician to discover the shocking secret – which is the “Perfectly Transparent System” from the past! The computer repair technician later transform the system into an app and smuggles it to the law-breakers. The world descends into chaos, and at the same time the police officers arrest Xiao Wei and the rest of his friends to bring the entire truth to light. As a result, Fang Yuan, Ren Ren and Bai Song Min finally reunite with each other again when they learned that their children create a disaster out of the app. In order to prove that the children are innocent, Fang Yuan take action to retrieve the app from the law-breakers and destroy it. 

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Action / Comedy

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