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  • Release Date: 5 April 2018
  • Classification: -
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Lee Kok Heng 李建興
  • Cast: JC Chee 朱俊丞, Jeana Ho 何佩瑜, Emily Kong 江倩齡, Debbie Loo 盧宣彤
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

豔陽高照的墾丁海灘,多的是帥哥美女,跟客戶吵架之後,甩手不幹的浩文跑到墾丁每天泡妞 ,暢意享受自在的人生,而他的好皮相也讓他在女人堆裡十分吃香,算得上是過著糜爛的生活,辣妹一個換過一個,而民宿老闆娘雪芬對他的行徑是兩隻眼都閉上,只要浩文按時交住宿費就好,可是天有不測風雲,人有旦夕禍福,對浩文來 說 ,這美好的一切生活隨著筱風的突來乍到,起了翻天覆地的巨變~
爸爸!這兩個字對浩文來說殺傷力十足的大,但對一直遊戲人間還泡友滿天下的帥哥文,怎麼可能會突然 蹦 出一個八歲的女兒? 浩文覺得驚悚得猶如世界末日。因為筱風的出現,讓他的的泡 妞 生活一夕變調,從帥哥變成了渣男,他也不得已願意接受筱風的存在,只是約法三章不能叫他爸爸!
之前同工作職場的下屬Shawn來找浩文,力勸他低頭認錯回去職場,高傲的浩文才不願意紆尊降貴,踐踏尊嚴,但也因此喚起了浩文有志難伸的不爽心情,讓他心情糟得徹底,而筱風想盡辦法要逗浩文開心的那份心,讓浩文開始認為筱風是可愛的,兩人之間的相處也越來越和諧,可是就在這個時候,毓芳的父母找上了浩文,告知了浩文一個關於筱風的秘密 ⋯⋯

Hao Wen(JC Chee) is a 33-year-old successful high-flier who excels in both work and relationship. He lives his life surrounding himself with beautiful women, promoting his life motto – living life to its fullest. One day after an argument with his supervisor, he quit his job and travelled to the beautiful beach Kenting, Taiwan, enjoying his life as a player as he surfs and changes his partner in bed every day. However, the arrival of Xiao Feng(Debbie Loo) brought tremendous changes to HaoWen’s life, turning his world completely upside down.
“Daddy!” – the worst nightmare that HaoWen could never have imagined is finally happening – having an eight year old daughter. The existence of Xiao Feng has brought so many troubles to HaoWen’s life, resulting him losing all his girlfriends and his charm.
At this moment, HaoWen’s ex-colleague (Shawn), came to him and advised him to return to his company. As strong-headed and prideful HaoWen is, it is impossible for him to admit his mistake and goes back as an underdog. While going through the hardships HaoWen faces in his life, he starts to notice a change of heart – he enjoys and misses the companion of Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng always find ways to cheer him up when he is down and she is always there. Just when they were starting to get along really well, HaoWen, revealing a secret about Xiao …….

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Comedy / Romance

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