Comedy | 104 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 21 APR 2016
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Classification: P13
  • Director: Shirley Yung
  • Cast: Annie Liu, Pakho Chau, Alex Lam Tak Shun, Jacky Cai, Maggie Sim, Ram Chiang
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

The movie company owner Jeff (Starring Alex Lam) is preparing a major Chinese New Year themed movie. He recruits a new and beautiful leading actress Chu Kei (starring Annie Liu) to replace the famous actress Ching Yu. But the only condition is Chu Kei must not date anymore. For reaching her dream, she promised Jeff at once. However, she is married to an unsuccessful reporter Lai Mo (starring Pak Ho Chau)

Since Ching Yu Suspected that Chu Kei is married, she tells Lai Mo’s boss Uncle Tat immediately. Then, uncle Tat appoints Lai Mo to look for evidence and promises him to get promotion if he did well. Lai Mo is in dilemma choosing between career and marriage. Will Chu Kei;s married status be recognized by the public eventually? Or their secret will be kept forever?

记朱淇(刘心悠 饰) 于影圈浮沉多年,一次意外竟被电影公司老板Jeff(林德信 饰)看中,荣升贺岁片女主角。朱淇为了星途,决意隐瞒已婚身份!忽然‘被单身’的娱记老公赖毛(周柏豪 饰)为帮老婆圆梦,只好事事配合。随着朱淇人气急升,二人关系日渐疏离,赖毛只好潜入剧组监视老婆,却竟发现朱淇与Jeff有暧昧关系!两公婆因而吵大祸……此时,娱圈再爆出朱淇已婚消息,杂志老总誓要赖毛查出内幕!在事业与爱情的角力下,恩爱夫妻各自为了上位,究竟可以将爱情压到多低?

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