Drama / Comedy | 95 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 25 FEB 2016
  • Classification: 18
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Charlie Choi
  • Cast: Bob, Angie Shum, Anita Chui, Jumbo Tsang, Jacquelin Chng, Alycia Chan
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

These six girls’ life journeys turn into new pages after being a promotion girl (PG). Ching Ching (starring Angie Shum) secretly becomes a PG to save money. She was heartbroken when her boyfriend Chi Wai (starring Ma Chi Wai) finds out about it and insulted her. Meanwhile, Torres (starring Chiu King Ho) starts to pursue her. She is struggling between them badly.

Sugar (starring Jumbo Tsang) and Candy (Starring Anita Chui) are highly sought-after PGs who know how to take advantage from men. At a high-end banquet, they meet Vincent (starring Alan Luk) who claimed to be a rich banker. They then dated him and foster rivalry with each other. At last, they find out Vincent’s untellable secret…

Vicky (starring Alycia Chan) and Sammy (starring Vivian Law) were good friends. They take up the job of PG in hopes of drawing the attention from netizens and entering the modeling industry. To get famous, they always go all the way to flaunt their figures. Fung (starring Jacqueline Ch’ng) was once famous in the PGindustry. She is dumped and gives up on herself until she runs into Brother Happy (starred Bob Lam). With his support, she regains her confidence…

鳳姐(莊思敏 飾)曾經是個叱吒PG(Promotion girl)界的展場女郎,在她當紅之際遇上了她當時的真愛而決定隱退,誰知道幾年後她竟慘遭拋棄,因此自暴自棄的她所幸遇見支持她的Happy哥(Bob 飾),才重建自信心。

Vicky(陳婉衡 飾)、Sammy(羅彩寧 飾)是希望靠PG工作進攻模特兒圈的大學同學;為了存錢和男友志威(馬志威 飾)一起去旅行的晴晴(岑日珈 飾),偷偷從事PG的工作,志威發現時卻和她分手。接著,在富二代Torres(趙勁皓 飾)的熱烈追求下,周旋在兩人之間的晴晴將如何選擇?

Sugar(曾淑雅 飾)、Candy(崔碧珈 飾)則是擅用手段從蠻男人身上撈到好處的當紅PG,一場飯局讓她們認識銀行家Vincent(陸駿光 飾),更先後與他交往而導致兩人反目成仇,之後她們還會發現Vincent什麼不可告人的秘密?

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