Action | 90 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 28 MAR 2019
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Michael Chuah 蔡业翰
  • Cast: Henry Thia 程旭辉, Michael Chuah 蔡业翰, Henley Hii 许亮宇, Venice Min 陈慧敏, Tony Eusoff
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

来自中国的一位富有大亨的女儿,如楠,成为贩卖集团的目标。 如楠在马来西亚期间,她的父亲已经指派洪朋这位来自中国的前军人担任她的保镖。

很快,他们与精英警察团队官员阿布相遇,阿布的队友在几个月前被一群贩卖人口份子杀害。 绑架者设法抓如楠,洪朋和阿布将需要共同努力,一劳永逸地消灭人口贩卖集团并从他们的手中拯救回如楠。

A rich tycoon daughter from China, Runan, is being targeted by a group of human traffickers. While Runan is in Malaysia, her father has assigned Hong Peng, an ex-military from China to be her bodyguard. 

Soon they crossed path with Ah Boo, an elite police team officer whose teammates has been murdered by the same group of human traffickers a few months ago. The traffickers manage to kidnap Runan, and Hong Peng and Ah Boo will need to work together to take down the human trafficking ring once and for all and to save Runan.

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『营救风暴 RED STORM』3月28日 全马上映


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