Comedy | 86 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 22 JAN 2015
  • Classification: 18
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Jil Wong
  • Cast: Annie Liu, Pakho Chau, Jacquelin Ch'ng, Philip Keung
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

The film focuses on two different pairs of married couples. The first couple is Po and Hung, who have been married for just one year and are having difficulties with their sex life. They are currently seeking for a solution but end up creating more conflicts among each other. The second couple is Sze Wing and Kwok Bon, who have been married for years and are considered the role models for couples everywhere. However, what people do not realise is that Kwok Bon is a huge sex addict and the sudden presence of a young suitor gets in between the couple. The film depicts how these two couples overcome the troubles of their marriage lives which many couples can relate to.

寶 (劉心悠 飾)和雄 (周柏豪 飾)新婚一年,本應過著最甜美的蜜月期,偏偏在性生活方面卻總是不協調,夫婦各自尋找解決方法,卻引來更多的矛盾和對立。

詩詠 (莊思敏 飾)和國邦 (姜皓文 飾)結婚多年,既是商界娛樂界名人亦是城中公認的模範夫妻。但在鮮為人知的背後,國邦其實是性上癮患者!詩詠為國邦的問題煩惱同時,竟又殺出一個年輕的追求者……


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