Horror / Thriller | 99 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 16 OCT 2014
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Ryon Lee
  • Cast: Gino, Mindee Ong, Teddy Chin
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

The story revolves around a quarrelsome couple, Cannon and Mimi who are involved in an online photography competition. Only the theme of the competition is `Supernatural`, so keeping in line with it, the couple head to a mansion in a remote village that`s known to be haunted. Upon their arrival, the housekeeper Mr. Huang dies of sickness and his funeral is held at the mansion. Yi, the grandson of the housekeeper arrives for the funeral in hopes to inherit his grandfather`s fortune. However, when these new occupants of the mansion, Yi, Cannon and Mimi have to stay together for 7 days, they go through various conflicts that include a mysterious woman from Yi`s childhood and the other secrets the mansion is hiding.

欢喜冤家大炮和咪咪为赢得幽灵摄影比赛的丰富奖金,决定住进著名鬼宅取材。不料,老管家 黄石榴突然病逝,失联已久的孙子黄忠义为分取遗产而赶来替祖父守夜。两组人马水火不容、各怀鬼胎, 被迫一起在大宅内相处7天。此时,一神秘发光女人的出现,勾起了忠义儿时不堪的记忆。更甚的是,三 人还阴差阳错、误打误撞闯入异度空间,这才发现原来大宅内另有其人……

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