Comedy / Romance | 106 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 11 MAY 2018
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Mandarin, Korean
  • Director: David Thian 程道伟
  • Cast: Shinny Tan 陈幸瑜, KimHo-Won 金浩元, Sherlyn Seo 萧丽玲, Philip Keong 姜皓文, Phoebe Ooi 黄嘉千, Jin Ju Hyung 陈柱亨
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story


A young girl in a Nanyang fishing village, always worships about Korean culture, has been living her life in the illusory dreamy way, in order to escape the cruelness and imperfections of reality until she meets a guy who came from South Korea that change her perception of life almost utterly. He brings hope and faith into her life even he is the one who going to encounter the most difficult task into her lifetime – Death. In a meanwhile, he accidentally gets the supernatural ability which able to communicate in multi-language with various races after a mysterious incident happen in the village. The phenomenon has brought them into climax towards their relationship. An expectedly and unforgettable romantic love story is bring synthesized from the moment. They couldn’t help but to fell deeply in love with each other, but how can their love be everlasting, if death is on their way? And so, he was determined to leave and seek for final hope for himself. A hope for survival and she is on the path on finding him to Korea. They meet each other and separated and finally one day the legendary fished – Shun Pong-O appear, it is the sign of miracle love. So it’s true, everything that captivated in Korean drama, it’s real.

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顺风鱼 SHUN PONG-O 正式预告 || 10-5-2018 全马浪漫上映

Comedy / Romance

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