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THE FATAL RAID 不義之戰 – Mega Films Distribution


Action | 92 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 26 SEPTEMBER 2019
  • Classification: 18
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Jacky Lee 李志倫
  • Cast: Patrick Tam 譚耀文 / Min-chen Lin 林明禎 / Jeana Ho 何珮瑜 / Michael Tong 唐文龍 / Kristy Yeung 楊恭如 / Andrew Yuen 袁文傑 / Sharon Luk 陸詩韻 / Sin-Hang Chiu 趙善恆 / Hidy Yu 余曉彤 / Jadie Lin 林琳奇
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

20 年前譚Sir, 黑哥與霸王花小隊Madam 方、Shirly, 及一眾突擊隊員展開秘密任務,負責追捕一班越過香港邊境
到澳門的黑幫,並與黑幫們發生激烈槍戰,最後霸王花小隊及一眾突擊隊員在行動中傷亡,這事令譚Sir 及
Madam 方一直耿耿於懷,並帶著這遺憾渡過這20 年的時間。
20 年過去了,譚Sir 和Madam 方借著保護⾹香港警務處女副處長和4 位新一代霸王花,分別是Alma、梓涵、

Twenty years ago, Inspector Tam Ka Ming(Patrick Tam), Hei(Michael Tong) and Special Female Force team
Madam Fong(Jade Leung), Shirley(Sharon Luk) and a group of commandos started a secret operation to
chase a group of gangster across the border of Hong Kong. This led to a large and drawn–‐out firefight
between the police and gangsters, resulting in Shirley and a number of commandos killed in operation. The
incident caused Inspector Tam and Madam Fong having a nightmare in these twenty years.
Twenty years later, an escort operation bringing Inspector Tam and Madam Fong with four new-generation Special
Female Force Teammate Alma(Jeana Ho), Zi Han(Min—chen), Sheila(Hidy Yu), and Tong Yu(Jadie Lin) to Macau, a group
of gangsters stormed the operation and they find Hei is still alive……

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『不義之戰 THE FATAL RAID』9月26日 全馬上映