Comedy / Romance | 96 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 14 FEB 2013
  • Classification: U
  • Language: Chinese
  • Director: Clarence Fok
  • Cast: Donnie Yen, Michelle Chen, Ko Chen-tung, Angelababy, Bosco Wong

Movie Story

“Together” will be comprised of three stories: Donnie plays a traffic cop named “Mr. Cool” who never smiles due to a rare disease. During an operation, Donnie meets Michelle Chen, a patient with amnesia, and spends most of her time looking for her deceased fiance. Donnie and Michelle fall in love eventually, but one day, Michelle goes through another episode of amnesia and completely forgets Mr. Cool… Meanwhile, Angelababy plays a girl who is caught in a love triangle involving Kai Ko and Bosco Wong. Intelligence Police officer, Kai Ko, and the superstitious Angelababy fall in love when they meet each other in a speed dating event. Kai Ko later finds out that the reason why Angelababy is in love with him is because she foresaw that she will marry someone with the name of “Lin Huan,” which is a name Kai Ko borrowed from his buddy (played by Bosco Wong)… He now has to find a way to convince Angelababy it is him she loves, and not Lin Huan.

他有个外号,叫Mr.Cool(甄子丹 饰),其实他也想笑,可惜是真的笑不出来,笑只会给他带来剧痛。“阿唐在哪?”少女乔(陈妍希 饰)一直在找,“你是谁?”她一直在问。只有她见过他的笑容,可惜她就像一个只有50M记忆体的外展记忆卡,随时会忘记。
  阿仔(柯震东 饰)是窃听组最年轻的警察,每天都能听到这个城市很多人的心跳,但陪伴他的,只有猪扒饭。吃咖喱猪扒饭的那天,他遇到了穿PRADA的胜男(Angelababy 饰),吃日式猪扒饭的那天,他和她玩起了只玩浪漫不玩爱情的游戏。7天以后,他在窃听器里听到了她的声音。爱情里最浪漫的三个字,不是我爱你,而是在一起,他们能在一起吗?

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