Horror | 90 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 20 OCT2016
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: English
  • Director: Sheldon Wilsom
  • Cast: Chanelle Peloso, Jodelle Ferland, Neal McDonough
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

In 1997 the Anderson family vanished from their home at Briar House without a trace. No bodies were ever found. For 17 years the house has remained undisturbed… until now.

After a family mysteriously disappears from their home without a trace, it is left untouched and abandoned for 17 years.

Single mother Jeanie’s husband died two years ago, and her son Adrian remain silent since then. She moved to out town and try to change their lifestyle for Adrian and hope that he will recover soon. Mrs. Peterson hired local girl Angela as Adrian’s baby-sitter.

Angela is scared of the mystery Briar House but she is being protecting Adrian the special kid. At the same time, Luther, Rodney and Logan broke into the Briar House and all of them was killed one by one by the mystery forces in the house.

Angela finally realized whats the special forces in the house, is she going to survive?

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