Action / Drama / Dance | 118 min

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 6 DEC 2018
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Chinese
  • Director: John Lee 李闳傑
  • Cast: Alien Huang 黄鸿升(小鬼)/ Jasmine Lee李艳馨 / Judy Chou周定緯 / Bao Cham 谭雪惠/ Nine Chen 紀源 / Chen Ju Ying 鄭如吟(玉兔) / Hanz Ang 洪立瀚 / Chen Pui Kiang 陈沛江/ Hsu Mou Chun 徐謀俊/ Eric Lay 赖宏恩/ Deric Ong 王子宁/ Rex Chua 蔡宇杰
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

故事讲述主角阿汉是位热爱跳舞的青年,中途因为父亲的赌博欠债,被迫退出与几位好友组织的舞团。他四处打工赚钱来偿还债务,而舞团不停地劝导阿汉重新加入,但看着家里遭受高利贷的追迫,阿汉会向现实低头还是坚持的追逐梦想? “其实跳舞很简单,只要记得当初的热忱,走到哪,都是你的舞台”

The film is about the main cast named Hanz, a teenager who only know dancing in his life, because of his father involves in gambling and causes his family badly in debt. He quits his dance group and works for a few job to take care his family from the chasing of moneylender. His friends keep asking Han for come back the group again. In the way between money and dream, what is Han’s choice?  “Everywhere Can Be Your Stage”

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『舞极限 WHO IS THE CHAMPION?』 正式预告片 || 12月6日一决高下

Action / Drama / Dance

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