Comedy | 121 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 15 FEB 2018
  • Classification: N/A
  • Language: Mandarin
  • Director: Jack Neo 梁志强
  • Cast: Jack Neo 梁志强, Mark Lee 李国煌, Henry Thia 程旭辉, Wang Lei 王雷, Chua Lee Lian 蔡礼莲, Jaspers Lai 赖宇涵, Cavin Soh 苏梽诚, Benjamin Josiah Tan 陈俊铭, Gadrick Chin 陈俊权, Ryan Lian 廖永谊, Noah Yap 叶荣耀
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

消失荧光幕多年的梁细妹(梁志强),原来早已退休,在家含饴弄孙,两个懂事乖巧的孙子,替梁细妹退休生活增添不少色彩。 好姐妹广东婆(王雷),由于其糊涂貌失的个性,常闹出乌龙事而要梁细妹协助解围。阿公(程旭辉)由于轻微老人痴呆而导致的无厘头举动,也常令一家人哭笑不得。 梁细妹大儿子Robert(李国煌)十年如一日的不务实,常幻想能一步登天,使梁细妹不得不把自己的希望完全寄托在小儿子Albert(陈俊铭)身上而对小儿子疼爱有加。此举却引发Robert对于母亲偏心的反感,誓言一定要以发大财来换取母亲对自己的重视。 机缘巧合之下,Robert获得一尊财神婆的玩偶公仔,财神婆更现出真身与Robert交流,探讨人生财富之道,希望Robert能以正道获取财富……

Liang Xi Mei (Jack Neo) is finally back! Now retired, Liang Xi Mei spends her time looking after her obedient grandchildren. However, Robert (Mark Lee), her eldest son adds to her woes as he is always dreaming of making a fortune through easy means. She pins all her hopes on her youngest son, Albert (Benjamin Josiah Tan). Her favouritism stirs up jealousy within Robert, who vows to strike it rich to win Liang Xi Mei’s approval.
By chance, Robert picks up the doll that is actually the Goddess of Fortune! She helps Robert but also appeals to him to be more down to earth and practical in his pursuit of success and wealth. Instead, he turns into an ingrate as soon as his hawker business takes off. His arrogance incurs the wrath of the God of Misfortune who decides to teach him a lesson. Soon, trouble ensues among Liang Xi Mei’s family and their best friends Guang Dong Po (Wang Lei) and Lion King (Henry Thia).
Will they get through this headache of a situation together as a family?

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《旺得福!梁细妹》 正式预告片||2月15日 三大笑匠陪你爆笑过年!


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