Romance | 95 mins

Movie Info

  • Release Date: 13 FEB 2020
  • Classification: P13
  • Language: Cantonese
  • Director: Patrick Kong 叶念琛
  • Cast: Carlos Chan陈家乐, Gladys Li Ching Kwan 李靖筠, Ashina Kwok 郭奕芯,Bob Shin 林盛斌
  • Format: 2D

Movie Story

The young and promising stock sniper Ma Fen (Carlos Chan) has a mysterious identity and he usually low profile. In his dictionary, he never has the word “failure”. The story begins when Ma Fen meets A Bao (Gladys Li ), and each other’s lives have changed dramatically! From a young age, Abao didn’t believe that good things would happen to her, and her parents, who died early, all dreams are out of reach for her. Bao is a part-time Promoter at KaRaOk. One night, Ma Fen and his company’s senior staff held a secret meeting in the VIP room of the nightclub. Ma Fen used the money to send a few sexy girls who approached each other. Bao thought that Ma Fen was a liar who had killed her good sister Pauline. He yelled at Ma Fen, and at this time, the big eared owl suddenly came to the nightclub to find Bao to pay the money, and between everyone pulling, Bao pulled Ma Fen and left.


It turned out that Bao took Ma Fen to the hospital to visit the unconscious Pauline, Pauline’s elder brother Niu Rong, and others thought that Ma Fen was Pauline boyfriend and asked him to take responsibility for his sister’s suicide. Forcibly took him home. After Ma Fen got along with Bao, he thought the woman was innocent and cute. Bao’s life view of destiny and obedience made Ma Fen, who had always believed in the victory of human beings, unsatisfactory. Ma Fen moved out of the unbelievable “law of attraction” to persuade Bao to change his destiny. In the end, Bao and others finally knew that Ma Fen was not Pauline’s boyfriend. Ma Fen moved away from Bao’s house and promised that he would come to see her again. After a month, Bao left home to work, and found that a valuable car was parked in front of the door, and the owner of the famous car was belong to Ma Fen. Bao also found that the Ma Fen was a rich man who had been replaced by a fake! An adventure story of Cinderella breaking into the rich world for no apparent reason, now officially started!

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我的筍盘男友 || 13 FEB 2020 全马浪漫上映


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